About us

Old buildings fascinate us because of their age, archaeology and architectural style. Their spiritual, social or political history can offer a connection with people from the past. They have survived over time to be read and understood both today and hopefully into the future. They are certainly emotive, maybe complex, but often they are simply beautiful. At best an old building is one that reveals a past, a present and, if cherished, a future. Sadly at worst it is forgotten, unused and decayed, its past erased, its present stagnant, and its future rapidly becoming unsustainable.

Maybank Buildings Conservation was founded in 2013 by Geoff Maybank FRICS IHBC to provide an holistic approach to building conservation. We look to provide our clients with a thorough understanding of building conservation issues from disrepair and misuse of materials to the correct specifying of repairs.

After 38 years in the property industry, a thorough understanding of the commercial needs of our clients underpins our archaeological approach to understanding historic buildings. From recording, drawing and analysing your historic building through to repair and reuse Maybank Buildings Conservation can help.

Geoff Maybank FRICS IHBC

Geoff is an RICS-accredited chartered surveyor. Following a 32 year career in valuing and surveying as a partner at Ryder & Dutton Ltd, Manchester, Geoff decided to focus solely on building conservation for which he holds a Post Grad Diploma (Reading). Geoff was a director of Cygnet Building Preservation Trust (BPT) and is a Trustee of Heritage Works BPT. Geoff is an expert in the pathology of historic buildings and their repair.

Dr Dav Smith (MA, PhD York)

Dav Smith is a specialist in the metric recording and analysis of historic buildings, from archaeological photography to 3D modelling. Dav formerly worked for Historic England and has a MA in the Archaeology of Buildings (2009) and a PhD in Archaeology (2014) from the University of York. With 7 years commercial archaeological experience, Dav is also an Associate Lecturer in Buildings Archaeology at the University of York.